Join us on the mission to make the world a better place, a future we can all  look up to and for generations to come. Changing the world and the life of our customers with one solar system at a time.


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Why us?

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Why us?

Uncapped earning Potential

Providing our Energy Consultants with a system where they grow and develop as individuals with moral and ethical values.

In House lead generation

We want to make sure our Energy Consultants are able to keep their business going and for this reason, we have an in-house process to generate leads and enable their earning potential.

The Solar Way “Everybody Wins”​
Just as we would consider you part of our family, and treat you with utmost respect and admiration, we want you to make your customers feel the same way. This industry allows everyone to win. We consider our day-to-day efforts as a positive rippling effect on many lives.
We enable you to succeed
We are firm believers that the learning process never stops, the more we learn the more we grow. Hence why we have different tools and training processes to make sure our Energy Consultants are always growing and improving in order to focus on individual goals.
Changing the World
All our efforts are towards making sure not only to change the lives of our customers but also to change the lives of the most unfortunate, hence why we have partnered up with GivePower Foundation to donate as a company and bring clean water and energy to people that need it the most.
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Stages of Recruitment process

Our hiring procedure and on-boarding are intended to be simple and straightforward, enabling our reps to begin closing deals within the first 10 days.
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1. Apply now

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2. Complete
Training Material

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3. Join our

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4. Complete

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5. Start Educating Customers

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6. Start Earning

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