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About Us


OwlGen guides homeowners with an easy transition to renewable energy by the hand of the highest quality solar panels on the market while reducing energy cost and carbon footprint.


OwlGen’s greatest desire is to preserve the Earth, this demands for a participation in the fight to a cleaner Earth by transitioning to clean energy production, with the overall goal of leaving a better place for future generations.
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In 2020 two siblings passionate about higher quality solar and service set out to launch a solar company like no other. Our vision at OwlGen Solar is to grant whole communities access to clean, renewable energy that they control the cost and supply of and reduce our dependence on traditional energy sources that otherwise ruin our planet’s future. We take our mission seriously and to further help accelerate the change towards green energy for everyone. We commonly work with similarly-minded groups to execute this initiative on a large scale and to put our small grain of sand into making the earth a better place.

“The people we serve are not just our customers but are considered family. Our goal is not to have a transaction but to create a lifelong relationship with them. We pride ourselves on taking them through a streamlined, seamless, and compassionate process for homeowners as we mutually discover how much going solar will change their lives.”